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Kit Squire
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Squire Rank:

Diamond Armor- (Protection 1 Unbreaking 1)

Diamond Sword- (Shapness 1 Unbreaking 1)

Diamond Tools- Pickaxe/Shovel/Axe (Unbreaking 1 / Efficiency 1)

Bow- (Power 1 Unbreaking 1) 64 Arrows

16 Obsidian 16 TnT

4 Golden Apples

64 Steak




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King Rank:

Diamond Armor- (Protection 2 Unbreaking 3)

Diamond Sword- (Sharpness 2 Unbreaking 2 Fire Aspect 1 Looting 1)

Diamond Tools- Pickaxe/Shovel/Axe (Unbreaking 2 Efficiency 2)

Bow- (Power 2 Unbreaking 2 Flame 1) 64 Arrows

64 Obsidian 64 TnT

1 GOD Apple

8 Golden Apples

64 Steak

2 Strength 2 Speed 2 Instand Health 2 Regneration Fire Resistance









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BEFORE YOU PAY FOR SOMETHING, READ THIS---->(Best way to support me with a one-time donation is to become a patron and simply cancel your support after you've seen your first charge).

Becoming a Patreon to me is having bennifits on my Minecraft Factions Server. Ranks are available to see on the buycraft website here-> . If you would like to purchase any of these ranks, please do so on here, it works a lot easier for me and for you guys! Thanks for coming here and have a great day!

$0 of $20 per Ranks & Items
Upgrade PrimeMC for you guys, and also add items on the Patreon page! Im always up for discussion for new things!!
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