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About Nathalie Alyon

My name is Nathalie Alyon and I am the creator of
Pack the Story: a blog on intercultural living, travel, and an art-filled life.

What's this blog about?
Pack the Story is not a traditional travel blog. It’s about people and places that defy categorization, identities that cannot be defined, cultures that evolve and mix. It’s about traveling while stationary and staying still while moving. About searching for home and finding it everywhere.

Pack the Story is my creative outlet and public diary as I travel and work on longer writing projects. You will read articles that will inspire and urge you to think about places and people from a different, transcultural perspective.

So, who is Nathalie and what is she doing with her life?

Like many artists, I write because I want to.

Born to Turkish-Jewish parents, I have lived in three continents, speak four languages, and dread being asked where I am from. Having furnished and dismantled dozens of apartments in seven different cities in the Middle East and North America, I am an expert in relocating.

For seven years I led a settled life in Tel Aviv where I worked with NGOs that further intercultural dialogue and edited an academic journal on Middle Eastern Studies. The barista at the coffee shop down the street from my apartment knew my name and I tended to geranium and sage on my balcony. 

About a year ago, I had this crazy idea that I should quit my well-paying comfy job and devote all my energy to become a vagabond writer. I packed my apartment into a 40L bag (with wheels) and headed to Latin America to pursue my passion to write and travel. Before, I used to wake up around 9 am, get to the office at 11 (I had an hour commute), and proceed to chat with my coworkers in the kitchen area. These days, I put the alarm at 6:30 to the dismay of my friends who know how much I love sleeping in.

How you can help:

In addition to blogging, I contribute a column to Şalom Dergi, the Turkish-Jewish community’s monthly magazine and write for Indigo Magazine published online in Turkish. But nobody pays me for the words I produce. Unless... you do? If you like what you see on Pack the Story and wish for me to continue, you can help.

Your small or big contribution will not only provide me financial support but encourage me to keep going. Just the fact that you read and comment makes me smile and clap like a 6-month baby discovering the sound of her two hands for the first time.

Patreon supports artists like me:

“Ok! I’m convinced. Take my money, but how do I ACTUALLY pay you?” you ask. Halleluja!!

Patreon is a wonderful way for you to support the work of artists all the while enjoying the work they produce. It’s actually very simple: I write and you pay me the amount of your choosing to read my work. If you don’t, I write it anyway.

What’s great about Patreon is that you will be paying me directly for stories I have yet to write. In other words, you won’t pay anything that I haven’t yet completed and you haven’t received.

On average, I  write 3-4 posts every month. I try to write a post every week but since I believe in writing genuinely good stories (rather than publish junk just to get a post out every week) sometimes it ends up being every two weeks.

For example, if you chose to support me at the 5-dollar mark for every post, you can count on paying 15 to 20 dollars every month. If I produce only one post on a given month, you will only pay 5 dollars. Simple, no?   

But don’t be afraid that a sudden attack of the muses will have me writing a post every day, consequently causing you bankruptcy. Patreon has a MONTHLY CAP. So you can chose the maximum payment you wish to make every month and never go above the amount you determine.

Still have questions? Send me an email packthestory(at)

Thank you!

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