is creating A help any indivual out there who start my Twitch Broadcast.
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Nah, I just wanted to help. No problem. :)
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Awwwww REALLY!!!?? You should have. :) I thank you very much. :) This reward will be honored to the individual on my Twitch Hall of Fame Channel once the goal ends, I will mention it on my channel the users name and the duration or length of the patron goal.
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I really really really thank you enough. :D Anything above will mention on to my Twitch Hall of Fame Channel.




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About NaSh_kRaP

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming to my patreon page here. The reason I am doing  this pledge to you or anyone out there in the world is that my older brother gave this cpu to me as a pass on to make myself become a twitch broadcaster. On 2012 of October, my brother passed away from aneurysm and left this promised cpu for him to build a better cpu to me BibleThump. Since then I was not able to come up with expenses and saved money I had in the after math of past and present time. I have not successfully found full-time or part-time employment from where I lived nor across the U. S. :( With that in mind becoming a broadcaster, a miracle could come one day blessed my heart and soul to all of you to give me an opportunity of a lifetime to revive my older brother's cpu and make my older brother smile above the sky where he is seeing the light that shines above my head everyday of having me becoming a twitch broadcaster. :) 
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