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About Jake Rieman Art

Hey kids! Welcome the Jake Rieman Art Patreon page!
I know some of you are asking “What is Patreon?”

Pateron is a way to support your favorite artist through a monthly donation. These donations go directly to the artist so they can continue to create the pretty pretty pictures you so crave without them having to worry about the “starving artist” moniker. The donations are set to different tiers and with a higher donation come Sweet Rewards created by the artist ranging from behind the scene looks into their work process to exclusive art only subscribers have access to. In a sense, Pateron creates a beautiful symbiotic relationship between the artist and the fan just as Darwin intended.

Now I know some others are asking “Who is this Jake Rieman guy?”

That would be me, the founder of the page and creator of the art you seek. I am a trained illustrator creating sci-fi and fantasy art as well as comics for you to enjoy. Often humorous I enjoy story telling with my work and am focused on delivering something interesting, new, and fun to those who enjoy my art. You can find some of my work here www.jriemanart.com. Currently I am working on a webcomic called Battlements, an anarchical sword and sorcery satire that is free online here www.battlementscomic.com, and a physical comic called The Beast Within, a horror tale of ego and science gone wrong. Both, unfortunately, are made in my free time as I have a day job to pay the bills.

This is why I have turned to Patreon for support. 

Here I will lay out my process on my many art projects as you will get an exclusive behind the scenes look at how I create my works. You will get exclusive access to content not released anywhere else and have access to tutorials on art and creativity. At least the way I do it. I want to make this Patreon yours as much as it is mine so as it continues to grow more rewards, exclusives, and things I haven't thought of yet will become part of the page.
With your help I can focus on a Butt Ton of more art. Yes, a Butt Ton. With support I will not only deliver more Comics but Fancy Art as well. I have plans for a wide range projects such as digitally painted art books, pen and paper games and resources, and animations. Ambitions? Yes. Achievable? Yes. Alliteration? Yes.

Thanks for the support and LETS GET YETI TO RUMBLE!
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I will create a special Patreon only art piece for you all to enjoy. I will take suggestions as well as do a poll on what that should be. A low res will be available to all tiers and a full high res copy will be available to subscribers in the Web Giblets.
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