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Rocket fuel isn't cheap, especially when paying for college for two!  After spending $1000s we have have pretty much run dry.  We promise to use any donations for making cooler projects and risking our safety so you don't have to!  We look forward to developing an APCP rocket, and the cheapest possible safe motor.  
The short list:
Lathe 500-1000
Engine casing material 200+
APCP Fuel (fule) 100-200
Arduino, Servos, Parachute stuff, Apogee detector, no more than 150 I hope

(The lathe will make for some very professional engines, but we still try to make a high power hardware store engine.)
$0 of $200 per
We will start the development of a new high power rocket.  This series will cover 4 stages.  (No set order)
1.) Fuel/Engine development and testing
2.) Launch guidance/arduino anti-roll and vertical stability
3.) Parachute deployment
4.) Final Launch Day
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