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About Musical Hell

Greetings, mortals, welcome to the infernal court of "Musical Hell," where the worst in film musicals are judged and punished.

I started "Musical Hell" as a way to entertain myself an others during my time as a stay-at-home mom.  Eventually it evolved into two sub-series: the first, "Musical Hell Reviews," is an in-depth look at the sins of some of the most notoriously awful film musicals ever created:

 The other, "Know the Score," is a shorter-form, less-snarky look at various forms of dramatic music: film and television musicals, soundtracks, theme songs, and more.  Topics have ranged from reviews of new musical films to discussion of lesser-known soundtrack gems to top five lists for various song and trope types.

I love the videos I'm making and the wonderful support I've had for this little project of mine, and I'd like to keep making it better for you.  Your support--whether it's a few dollars or just an "I loved this, thanks!" means a lot to me!
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