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is creating digital art
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you get to see frequent WIPs of art I'm working on, from abstract picture concepts to sketches and screenshots of my current progress in paintings, along with receiving the high-res .pngs of finished work

also! you can get early access to my occasional speedpaint/tutorial videos

Layer Files (.SAI and .PSD)
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along with the previous reward you will also have access to the .SAI and .PSD layer files that I work with so you can comb through them to get a better understanding of my process




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About Kyden Lundquist

Hey there! My name is Kyden Lundquist, and I'm a hobbyist digital artist that draws various things! I'm really unsure of what to do in life job wise, and your donations help me be a little more independent from my parents and have some extra cash to pay for art programs and help me keep improving and learning new things. I hope to start producing animations and tutorials and I hope that having a Patreon will give me more motivation to do so!!!

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