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+ Your name will be on "Hall of fame"
+ Patron/Sub only events.
+ Stay on steam friend list (sadly due to the limited amount of people, I have to delete people all the time).
+ Receive 600 coins to your credit.
+ Join my Teamspeak Channel while we play the streamed game.
per month
Additional to all the perks mentioned for the $5 patron, you will receive the following:
+ The ability to play your favourite games with me off stream, on my off stream days.
+ Have VIP access to my chat and be immune to moobot time-outs.
+ The possibility to become a mod (During the needed busy times only).
+ Birthday gift and shout outs.
+ The ability of transfering your money for Subscribtion when I get the sub button.




per month


This support will be used to help me keep streaming and add in more stuff for give-aways. I was asked by a lot of my viewers to set this up till I get partnered and we were close to it, until I got unlucky with hackers/DDoSers. 

Keep in mind every little helps ;) Thank you all for the support!
$0 of $800 per month
The main target is to get few better upgrades for my PC since it has been struggling to keep going with both streaming and gaming at the same time. If I get more, I will just build another PC and keep my current one for streaming only.
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