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You will get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you have helped a program that is helping children, families and schools end bullying.
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By sponsoring Bully Defense Tools for $10 per month, we will send you a power point presentation that will allow you to give bully defense talks.
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By sponsoring Bully Defense Tools, $15 per month, we will send you monthly lesson plans on that allow you to integrate Bully Defense Tools in your classroom or martial art class.




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Bully Defense Tools is a free web based program that teaches kids, families, and schools how to stop bullying. This is the site you go to when your child comes home from school and tells you they are being bullied. It helps parents to educate their child, but more importantly it teaches kids, that are targeted by bullies, tools that help change the balance of power that is at the heart of bullying.

Bully Defense Tools is also the place you go when a parent or school informs you that your child is acting like a bully. Our site helps families educate their children about the bully habit and how one can change and channel and redirect their impulses for social dominace in a positive way that helps their community.

Our goal is to produce more free content, lesson plans, power point presentations, and short movies that will help kids end bullying. We have just started and we have twenty martial art schools and 1 elementary school using our program. Please help by supporting our work.
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With this goal we can hire a professional illustrator who will redesign the actual Bully Defense Tools tools. Kids are very visually oriented; the cooler our illustrations the more kids will like our program.
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