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is creating Paintings, sculpture, books and radio shows!
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About Angela Treat Lyon

One of those people who just can't stop creating, I have my fingers in many pies - all baking in the oven of intention to produce more love, compassion, understanding on earth. One of the problems with being a prolific creator is getting funding so projects can go from idea to consumer without a hitch. Some of my projects have been on the back burner for years!

This year, I'll be the same age my mother was when she died - way too young at 69 - and I want to make sure my creations - paintings, sculptures, radio shows, books and audios - are categorized, produced, and out there for people to get and benefit from. Love is the answer!

I hope you'll help me deliver the love! Thank you!

In case you don't already
know me, you can find out more here:
Art: &
EFT (tapping): & free demo at:
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I'm looking forward to meeting you and having you on my 'team!'
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Each time I create a new book on my artwork that is loaded with color pictures, it costs me a fortune. If I could order batches at at time, I could get the cost down, so I don't have to charge the reader as much to buy them. The first batch I want to order, at $375, is of: Carving My Life, Volume I
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