Sailing Cap'n Allison Faye clements

is creating A sailing experience that helps the world
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About Sailing Cap'n Allison Faye clements

Hey ya!

heading out on a sailing adventure!

There are a few missions at hand. One... To experience as much culture as possible while being a benifit to communities.
two... Share and inspire all the while being inspired by others and the incredible beauty that this world holds.

I've been sailing on the Hudson River the past 7 years and now it's time to experience the ocean and the world!

My goal is to collaborate with other groups that help underdeveloped communtities around the world build better and more sustainable infilstructure. Clean water, gardens, fixing and building small homes. And to make as much art work with children as possible.

The has adventure has Begun! Much beauty, curiosity and problem solving ahead.
It has been a lifelong goal to help and to create with others, and in the past seven years sailing has become a huge part of my heart. So!
Let the adventure begin.

I have very little money and will be picking up odd jobs along the way.
This shall add to the cast of characters of this adventure on the horizon, And I look forward to the inspiration through each of these experiences.
your contributions will further my ability to help and experience and in return I shall be sharing all of my videos, songs, writings, and photographs and am very open to the idea of letter writing with those that choose to :)

$0 of $200 per Video, song, writing, photographs
Need to feed this body so can make you awesome things!!
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