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I am breeding thornless roses from modern cultivars. My intention is to produce thornless, fragrant, well-shaped and healthy roses that can be enjoyed by gardeners and the floristry industry without the usual pain and suffering that goes with thorny roses. I have bred several roses already that are thornless, and some that are highly fragrant. The photo that I have uploaded is of one of the thornless ones that I have bred. It is my tallest rose and has absolutely no thorns on the stems. I have another that is mauve in color and smells strongly of lemon and lavender - I would say its fragrance is as strong as or even stronger than roses such as Fragrant Cloud, Brother Cadfael and Blackberry Nip. This rose is also very seed fertile and holds great promise for further breeding. My problem is that I cannot afford a place to continue propagating these plants. I need financial assistance to rent or buy a place where I can continue to breed and propagate these roses until they can pay for themselves through sales. I know I have the ability to produce great things, but finances hold me back.
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I ultimately need to raise about $300,000.00 to buy a property big enough to set up a plant nursery where I can continue to breed and propagate new thornless roses.
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