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Hey guys, I'm bawNg, the founder, developer, admin and janitor of Intoxicated Gaming.

My biggest passion has always been related to game servers, since the very first line of code I ever wrote. I've done extensive modding for a number of game engines and hosted tons of servers for over 7 years, before joining the core Oxide dev team and shifting my primary focus to Rust.

I've put in a huge amount of development time and resources into the infrastructure which powers the servers that I host for well over a year now, including the Oxide core and extensions, plugins, game modes, custom hosting platform, master back-end and website. I also have a massive amount planned for the future.

Maintaining large scale game modes for an early access games requires a huge amount of time and dedicated servers are not cheap. By helping cover the hosting costs of the servers, you will allow me to spend more time working on things for the community instead of working for an income to cover the server bills, and even expand by launching new servers in the future.
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This will cover the hosting which is not provided by sponsors.
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