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Forever Souls

Forever Souls is a project I've always wanted to do since I've become a hardcore gamer.
The Souls series has become a trademark game of mine and I love to express how I feel about the story and lore.

I am a really big call of duty fan as well but I play all games.
I think games bring so much joy to so many people.

I want to spend more time making videos and doing streams.
Entertaining and meeting new gamers.

This is where you come in.
The quality and of my viewers has been amazing.
And I really want to reward you guys with more content.

So please become one of the member of 3SPN
and help me take my gaming and interactions with players to another level.

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Reaching this milestone lets me knw you all have welcomed me into your world and really enjoy my content... As a result I will host a console giveaway to try and show my appreciation and give back. Not everyone is able to afford a new console and I do enjoy my viewers and playing with you guys. So thus I will give one away.   Just make sure I'm the first friend on your
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