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About Linda Thomas StudioLTD

I'm a bibliophile, old luddite, and compulsive creator of things. I do mixed media, mosaics, jewelry, mirrors, paint pours, ect., and rayguns, can't forget the rayguns.
Why a patreon? To pay craft and art show fees, which in turns helps buy insulin for the love of my life. He's been without a while, and has been on the transplant list 3 years. To keep the utilies on. And any left to help my amazing kiddo with college. They've had to do it on their own. I'm proud of them, but wish I could help.
I make a little of everything. I keep finding fun things to try! Bottles, mirrors, mosaics, paint pours, jewelry, and yep, rayguns and planets. I use what I can find-circuit board, old keys, broken jewelry, ect. Even if I could afford the craft stores, I still would do this. It started as necessity, and became a challenge I like! 
I've set up some nifty reward tiers. If you like it, I hope you'll share my page! I have an instagram here-[email protected]. And a KoFi here-[email protected]

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