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Aside from the knowledge that you are an awesome person you will also get access to my patreon feed which i will try to keep updated with maybe some random ramblings or possible behind the scenes stuff.
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You too will recieve acess to the feed, and your name will be added to my race car liveries (any time i use the orange and black livery)
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About Alex Day

  • Intro Blurb Bit 
Hello everyone I'm Alex from FailRace, world renowned roller of cars and general silly vehicle challenges in racing games. 

  • Why A Patreon ?
With youtube pay being somewhat sporadic I have been thinking over ways of helping fund some of the more crazy ideas I have for videos, and out of all of the options this is the route that I feel most comfortable doing. A much longer winded explanation will be in the video for those that want to hear it.

  • What will your donations be used for ?
Will be partly used as a safety net with the ever slight uncertinty over youtube pay, but will mostly be going towards getting better/ more equipment. So better capture stuff for games and I am hoping recording gear for some more real life videos

  • Does that mean some videos will become patreon supporter only ?
No, all of my videos will always be avaliable to everyone on youtube however the more support I can get here the quicker ideas will become reality and simply the more stuff I can do.

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