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For just a dollar per strip (2 per month) you will get early access to "Super Citizens"!  Read the strips first and then spoil the story for all of your friends!  You will also get the pleasure of supporting an Indie creator and his dream of telling stories!
per per comic strip.
For five dollars per strip (2 per month) you will get the early access to "Super Citizens" as well as access to behind the scenes videos and blogs.  I love to talk about the philosophy behind my work and I will be putting up videos that will get into the meta ideas behind the story.  Also, the main character is a journalist and I am going to write out some articles that he publishes in the strip.  So, you'll get to read the full articles from the comic. 
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With this reward tier you will get the early access, the behind the scenes stuff, AND I will ship out physical prints of the comic strips.  I will sign all the strips as well!  If you just gotta hold comics in your hands, this is the reward level for you!




per per comic strip.


Super Citizens is a story that has been swimming around my mind for years.  I feel like I'm at a place as a creator where I can finally do this world justice.  I will be releasing "Super Citizens" bi-monthly with work by different artists as the series goes on.

Patrons will get the release of the strips a week before others and have access to cool behind the scenes videos, images, and articles.  With their support I will be able to go after higher profile artists, expand the story into other media, and deliver more and more awesome content.
$23 of $1,000 per per comic strip.
Making the goal of a thousand dollars would qualify "Super Citizens" as a smash hit.  If we hit this number, I will start production on a "Super Citizens" animated series.
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