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About Alex Williamson

I currently am working as a freelance illustrator.  I've done work for several companies (Vigilance Press, Blackwyrm Games, Wordmonkey, Catalyst Game Labs, Spartan Games, Warrant Publishing, Green Ronin, and others), but I seem to have lots of my own ideas that I'd like to make happen.  That's where Patreon comes in - I'd love to really get the ball rolling on several games and comics I have had running through my head for ages.

My first project is a co-op deck builder card game that spans a slew of genres, starting with fantasy, then moving to sci-fi and then onto super heroes, but with plenty of room to expand to other genres.  I plan to sell the game on Drive-Thru Cards, but you can see the entire game unfold here, with full color artwork from start to finish, card and game design details, and opportunities to be the first players of the actual game!

Future projects include multiple web comic series (two primary ones with a few others that are prominent), and several more game designs (more card games, a board game, and a couple miniatures combat games, though those will take a LOT of work, so they come last).

I hope a few of you have going on this creative adventure with me.  :)
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I will have the freedom to really focus on my own projects.  This means my webcomic will become a reality.
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