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I'm Tauriq Moosa. You may know me from The Guardian, Daily Beast, Polygon and making Nazis angry on Twitter (links below). I've written mostly on ethics and pop culture, particularly games and films – I focus on social issues, particularly race, gender and internet culture (harassment, social media, etc.). My work has been referenced in the New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes and other big places. I've been interviewed on numerous podcasts, taught ethics to business and medical students and regularly share pics of my cats. 

I decided I wanted to take my focus on justice and writing further and have begun law school. Unfortunately, this is incredibly expensive on a number of levels and I need to find a way to apparently (human) "eat". I hope that with your help, I can take off some of that burden.

With the aid of my Patrons, I'd be able to write on the issues I care about. During free time, weekends and/or holidays, I'd like to take time away from law to continue engaging critically with games, film, and TV. However, I'm also of course keen to continue focusing on social issues. I'd really appreciate your help and will continue striving to make Nazis cry and making sure literally all cats are petted. This means blogging directly On Here and perhaps reproduced on Medium, since I find these both easy platforms. I'm about as technologically savvy as a Dickens ghost.

I don't know how this all works (I'm pointing at adulthood, too), but I hope I can develop this further with your help. 

Thank you!


My Guardian page and some highlights...

On the ethics of punching Nazis
Why diamond engagement rings are an awful capitalist scheme peddling falsehoods about romance
- Comment sections are toxic and we should get rid of them

My Daily Beast page and some highlights...
Drunkenness doesn't excuse online rape threats
- Public marriage proposals should die
Why catcalling women is not a compliment

Polygon articles: 

The Mary Sue


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I'll be able to blog more frequently, even if it's shorter posts, about once or twice a week! 
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