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About 12TonTitan

This page is created for two projects I am working on:

The first project is my artistry business. I am creating paintings that show how the world we see around us can change just by expanding what we look at and look for in our daily lives. To take time to see the beauty in all that we take for granted. I sell the physical and digital copies of my paintings on Etsy Link here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TwelveTonTaborStudio?re...
I hope to stir people's imagination to create and explore all this world has to offer.

The second project is a collection of Adventure role-playing books written and illustrated by yours truly.

Imagine a world where magic is common place, great spires are filled with mad inventors, the hills have literally rolled into themselves, home to large creatures stories tall. This is the world of Aspalathos, a new Table Top Roleplaying adventure series. These books will have interesting new mechanics and a story rich world waiting to be discovered. 

This is only the first of many books. Eventually I plan to release Science Fiction, Survival, Zombie Apocalypse and Monster Hunter series.

My plans for the future is to be able to paint and write full-time, and I know that you can help make that happen. Thank you for any way you can help.
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This goal will allow me to broaden the mediums I can use to create, including different paints and clay-working.
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