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My Undying eternal love and maybe my first born, Probably not.. but maybe.
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     Hey! I'm Danii and thanks so much for coming to my Patreon page! If you don't already know me I'm a Cosplayer, Artist, and streamer.

     This is what I love doing and support makes that possible!
Everyday I work on figuring out ways to provide my followers with better content and more of it. Even the smallest amount of support can help me improve my stream and work towards more amazing cosplays. Some people don't think they could make a difference but even a dollar can be a huge help and support in making my goals possible.

     Cosplaying is such a fun and fantastic hobby and I get so much satisfaction from hearing all the positive comments about my work but it also takes a lot of money and time which can make it difficult for me to do as many of them as I would like. I have so many fun ideas and not enough funds to make them a reality. Hopefully with your support I can not only provide all of my followers with many more unique cosplays that everyone can enjoy but also make prints I can sign and giveaway to dedicated patrons as well as travel to cons where I can meet followers so they can see how their support helped create something beautiful.

     Art is my outlet, It always has been even from a young age. I've always loved painting, drawing, sculpting, and anything creative I can get my hands on really. That is why I had to incorporate my art into my stream. Lately I've been really into using UV paints to make my art glow and pop off the canvas. As a patron you could help me afford some of the supplies such as canvas, paint, and brushes to help make it so I can create theses pieces. Your support helps me continue what I love doing and practice so that I can become a better artist as well.

     Streaming is one of the most rewarding jobs I can ever imagine having. I get to play games and make art while making friends all over the world. It truly is magical for me to be able to experience all the love and support that has come with streaming. I love my followers so much and I always want my stream to be a place where they can come and have a good time. This takes a lot of work on my part, on and off stream. I put many hours into making overlays and panels while thinking up new ideas that can benefit the stream and help it grow. Sometimes it can be difficult as I can't always provide as many giveaways as I would like or afford new games to play. I'm always asking for input from my followers of how to improve the stream so I can provide the best possible content I can for everyone. By pledging to be a patron you can help me make more of fun ideas come to life.

     If you have read this far, then thank you so very much for hanging in here with me. I hope that if you can afford to, you become a patreon and together we can create many wonderful things. 

All my love, Danii California
P.s. Stay moist

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I would LOVE to be able to starting working on a new Cosplay, hopefully in time for PAX East. I'm really into gender bend cosplays and at the moment I'm tossed up between Singed or Kha'zix from League of Legends! If you are interested in supporting me and making this cosplay possible leave a comment on which you would be more interested in seeing me make come to life! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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