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is creating Pop Shamanic Unicorn Art
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About Krisztina Lazar

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to my Patreon page :) I would love to tell you a bit about myself and what I do.
My art can only be described as Pop Shamanism, expressed through painting, performance art, video, textiles, drawings, and installations. Illustrating the internal through external spectacle, rituals, created or performed, my work seeks to highlight meaning in the mundane through a Jungian vision of our collective archetypes. The images in my art focus on 80s cartoons, science fiction, memory, childhood, and fantasy, mediated by history and the now of pop culture. I seak to strike up a dialogue between the ritual of imagery, the process of form and texture, and the performance of creation.

I am originally from Cleveland, OH and I completed my undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University in 2004. I received my MFA graduate degree in 2011 from the San Francisco Art Institute New Genres department. My paintings have been exhibited in group and solo shows throughout the United States and Europe, most notably at the H.R. Geiger museum in Gruyere, Switzerland. I mentored with several of the leading visionary artists of our time, including Martina Hoffman, Robert Venosa, and Brigid Marlin. I teach my own style of the mische technique to students privately and in groups as well as in a seminar at Carnegie Mellon University. My work has been featured in multiple articles, online galleries and book publications. I live and work in Oakland, CA with my fiance, two parrots and cat who are forever participants in and inspiration for my work.
$10 of $100 per month
I have a great vision for a new painting - a Pop Shamanic Unicorn Mandala of healing. It's going to be soooooooooo epic. I want to explore the Unicorn consciousness that is exploding into social media, the collective unconscious and even Starbucks. Please help me reach my goal so I can begin this new piece of amazing art!
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