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About Blue Obsidian

Why am I doing Patreon? Hello fellow creatives, my name is Richard Kamimura, creator and designer of Blue Obsidian upcoming Illustrative title Steel Sky. With your help I plan to bring my dream of creating a Steel Sky Comicbook to life. Steel Sky Youtube Video Link.

How Often will I post?
I will be posting 3-5 sketch concepts a week.

Science Fiction Robotics

World of Blue Obsidian Fantasy Illustration

Character Sketch

Blue Obsidian Design "Watermark"

Blue Obsidian Kickstarter Design Youtube Video!

     Most of my artwork incorporates traditional illustration concepts while utilizing photo manipulation. In the end my creative process revolves around story. This exciting platform will allow me to create my art while giving you, my valued followers a peek into my art process.

     I can't do this without you, so if you feel connected with my vision, please help Blue Obsidian by pledging and sharing my page with friends and family. I have included tons of awesome incentives to give back to you, the supporter.  Every donation gets me that much closer to achieving my dream in being a content creator.  Your support means the world to me!

$5 of $25 per month
When this goal is reached I'll be posting warrior based sketches. Lets Battle!!!
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