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Ikale-Tahi is the antidote to Silicon Valley. Our goal is to change the metrics of success and improve our surrounding community in the process. The Ikale-Tahi Group is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit working to improve the social, educational, and economic situation of Tongan individuals and the greater Tongan community in the San Francisco Bay Area and back home in Tonga. Our group bridges the close-knit Polynesian community, with the greater service community, creating access, assistance, and opportunity for those in need.

Ikale-Tahi has a diverse group of founding members hailing from all around the world:

  • Tom Toki, Sr.: Tom is our spiritual leader and is a figurehead in the local community. A native of the Island of Vavau, in The Kingdom of Tonga, Tom moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970’s. Tom is self-employed as a whole-home contractor (learn more at www.tomtoki.com.)

  • Jon Gifford: Jon is a native of Palo Alto, California. After graduating from Stanford University, Jon moved to Hungary where he has lived for the past fifteen years. Upon returning to the Bay Area, Jon has been motivated by his desire to help his home town. Jon brings an expertise in international trade.

  • Alexander Johnson: Originally from Mountain View, California; Alex is a lawyer by trade with an entrepreneurial mindset. Alex’s law practice helps growing businesses expand. He is tasked with growing the Ikale-Tahi Group enabling us to provide even greater assistance to the community.

  • Thomas Toki, Jr.: Thomas is not only the first Ikale-Tahi Fellow; but our first success story as well. Thomas is a two time all-american defensive tackle. As a result of over a month of private SAT tutoring provided by the Ikale-Tahi Group and a lot of hard work, Thomas was able to capitalize on his dream of playing football in college. In return, he has pledged to be a leader for young people in the community.

  • Matt Hitchcock: Matt is the newest member of our administrative team. Matt is a life-long Bay Area resident.

Our core objectives are:
  • Promotion of community and culture
  • Inspire altruism for those in need
  • Strengthening the ties between disparate Tongan communities
By strengthening cultural bonds through good works and communal festivity we hope to encourage collective enrichment of the Tongan people.

The Ikale Group wants to lead by example: donating time, money, and expertise to help those it can, by sharing knowledge with the community, and by encouraging communal cooperation. Ikale Group will also provide organizational leadership such as planning, management, communication and any other assistance needed to empower members of the community in their own personal good works.

  • The ongoing mentorship of young Tongans.
  • As of 11/25/15, we have raised over $2,000.00 from the local community to hand-deliver a crate of school supplies to the children of Vavau in Tonga.
  • In January of 2016, members of our team will be traveling to Tonga to distribute care packages, and plant the roots of our community group in the Kingdom of Tonga.
  • We are actively working to establish a permanent physical location in both East Palo Alto, California and the Island of Vavau in the Kingdom of Tonga.
  • Job creation and income generation for the group so as to enable greater assistance.

  • Provide continuing support to Tongan students of all ages from SAT Prep to College and beyond.
  • Create a much needed and currently absent bridge between the Tongan community and the many non-profits looking to support them. Our leadership in the Tongan community gives us standing to connect two disparate communities.
  • Provide mental health support & destigmatization in the community.
  • Create new welfare opportunities including: summer camps, after-school programs, and other education and wellness services.
  • Establish community center on the island of Vavau, and connecting Tonga with the world at large.
  • Strengthen cultural bonds through good works and communal festivity we hope to encourage collective enrichment of the Tongan people.


Here’s the truth... We can’t do it without you! We have the visionaries, leaders, bootstrappers, and support crew that we need but we need support from people like YOU to build out a world class organization. Together, we can help make a better future for everyone.

Please see our website www.ikalegroup.org and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
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Establishing a permanent community center in East Palo Alto.
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