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If you support a minimum of $3 per month you will revive a SHOUT OUT in a stream as well as a YouTube Video.

  • I understand nobody has time for ads. Donating this much will help a lot.
  • If you have a YouTube Channel or Twitch I will let my viewers know when I give you at Shot Out.
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As well as the AdBlock Guilt Free perks I will set up a Vanilla Minecraft Server should we make $300+ a month. You will be white listed once Patreon has processed your pledge (at the end of each month)

  • Please PM me your Minecraft IGN and you will be added to the server once the goal is hit and the server is set up.

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On top of AdBlock Guilt Free and Crafter you will will be able to join the Verigan Skype Chat. Once a week currently Saturday, we get together in one big chat and just have fun. This is a great way for me to meet fans and bonce around ideas. 

  • Please PM me your Y Minecraft IGN and your Skype name.




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I am Verigan One Eye

I am an guy in his 20's trying to find his place in this world. I have tried retail and corporate jobs, none of witch brought me any happiness. Many friends for years have been telling me to record, that my passion and love for games and people would make a great lets player. So after some time I though I would try.

My Play Style.
I love to play games thought the characters I make. Yes I love to role play and bring all of my characters to life. Be it the old slightly nutty Verigan or the dark mage Wolfwood. I hope my play style and commentary can bring something new the videos.

Why I do what I Do.
I have a passion for making people laugh and smile. Seeing some ones drink fly out of there nose or hearing a big belly laugh makes brings me so much joy. I know with YouTube and Twitch its laid out to make quantity greatly more important then quality. With out relying on ads to support me I can really pour my heart and soul into my video content.

Ever bit of support helps vastly whether you can support me this way or not.(I know there are those of you who would like to support  but are unable and that is 100% okay) please continue to enjoy my content.
$0 of $300 per month
If the goal of $300 per month is reached I will set up a vanilla Minecraft server for all Patrons who pledged over $10 per month
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