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About Mark Knights

I have come to Patreon as I am building a Role Playing Game world that I think is exciting and worthwhile.  I want to share the creation of this world with others on as I always have. I also want those that want  the specific details to use for themselves to be able to and thus I am offering this Patreon as a way to do so.

The game I am creating is going to be its own system.  The world that it is set in is inspired partly by the animated movie 9.  I have a clear vision of the style of the game and it is this vision that will inform the system as it is built!
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Get your name and a thank you on any materials I provide for the setting.  
  • A copy of any thank you pages attached to information will be provided each time to you as a thank you!
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Play Pathfinder or interested in the mechanics?  This is the level for you :)
  • Get a thank you on everything that I produce including notification when things go out at higher levels with your name in it
  • Get all the support material that I create for my campaign - new rules, NPC's, settlement stats etc.
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Mini modules that form in the setting that use the details from the supporting material reward level.  You will get one mini module a month along with all the setting material!
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Several NPC's utilizing the new NPC race will be developed and provided in full for those that are interested in examples of how the race works.  The NPC's will be fully featured in the setting as it develops
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