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is creating an audio drama from outside of time
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Our literal eternal gratitude AND

Timescanner will announce on twitter the method of your own peculiar death. A one of a kind personalized prophecy.
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Also our literal eternal gratitude AND Timescanner will announce on twitter the method of your own peculiar death.
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Patron will receive quarterly physical envelopes holding a limited edition signed and numbered piece of fiction from the within the Timescanner Universe. These are art objects that will never be published within my lifetime and I ask that you not share them online either. The only way to enjoy them is to be a $10 patron. "Artifacts" will be mailed out each solstice and equinox. Editions will be limited to the number of subscribers at the time these go out and will never exceed 1000. (in the beginning there will be far fewer than this so sign up now you'll be able to get something super rare and collectable)

You'll also receive our literal eternal gratitude AND access to exclusive mini-episodes AND Timescanner will tweet a personalized prophecy of the circumstances of your own peculiar death.




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About The Infinite Now

THE INFINITE NOW is a series of audio transmissions from outside of time sent by a mysterious entity known as The Timescanner. THE INFINITE NOW celebrates wonder. THE INFINITE NOW explores the past and the future. THE INFINITE NOW tells stories at every scale from Quantum Foam to human frailties to the love lives of dark matter galaxies.

The show was created by artist and writer Richard Penner based on experimental twitter fiction he started doing in 2011. 

Currently THE INFINITE NOW is a labor of love and a creative outlet for one man and his unique science-fictional voice. With your help we can expand the show to include more voice actors and guest writers and producers. We have huge ambitions for growing this fictional universe and experimenting with brand new storytelling structures. There's a story here to tell as large as the the universe itself and with your help we can tell more expansive tales and also get them to you more frequently.

THE INFINITE NOW is a free show but your donations are what keep our creative wheels in motion. Donate any amount you can and if you can't spare any of your hard earned Galactic Credits consider leaving kind reviews in iTunes and spreading the word to new listeners who may appreciate what we do.

Millions of thanks to the thousands of you who already subscribe. We love your ears. Thank you.
$250 – reached! per null
At the $250/month level we can guarantee at least 1 episode of more than 7 minutes in length released per month. More goals featuring longer and more frequent episodes will follow after we reach this one.
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