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Dear viewers,

I'm a passionate streamer and gamer and I've been gaming my whole life for as long as i can remember. Of course i want to provide the best possible quality and content for my viewers and i find it very important that YOU are happy with what you experience. But to be able to continue what I'm doing i need your support and that's where patron comes in. i have a disability that prevents me to work outside of my house and gaming for a living is my only way out. All of your support goes to better gear and computer parts and in the future i hope that i can live with the monthly support i get from you guys so i can fully focus on gaming as a full time job. This is my dream and goal and with YOUR help so that WE can achieve this goal. Every bit of feedback and help is greatly appreciated. I am also looking for artists/designers who can make T-shirt designs and/or cartooned images of me for my stream. Thank you in advance for your support!!
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I'll buy new gaming gear, i'll stream more often and more exclusive content in my games such as premium vehicles, premium content, etc... eventually gaming as a daily job :)
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