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is creating creating videos for songwriters and other informative videos.
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About Marc Cage

I'm a Youtube/Vimeo blogger, a songwriter, and a musician. I do videos that cover a wide range of topics, from my philosophical and political views (marccage83 on my youtube channel) to my musical and songwriting aspirations (songwriting pheasant youtube/ vimeo (mostly vimeo) channels. I've set up this Patreon as a means to help my channels, generate an income that justifies the amount of time I put into it.

Join me as my patron by pledging $2/month or more to me and I will immediately pledge to your Patreon page! I do pledge for pledge on Patreon because the one thing all successful Patreon pages have in common is a lot of people supporting them. I limit all of my pledges to $2/month and you are welcome to do the same with me! I enjoy helping others out, and I take pledge for pledge very seriously.

Here my channels:

Songwriting Pheasant (youtube):

Songwriting Pheasant (vimeo):
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I need a new computer badly... I'm using a 2012 HP Pavilion g series laptop. Having some tech problems with it so time to upgrade. Plus the editing programs are outdated.
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