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About SICCC Studios

SICCC Studios is a small team of between 7-10 people who's aim is to create games with new concepts, unique gameplay, immersive stories, and hours upon hours of play time. 

Created by Isaiah Gaines, Ce'Von Miller, Christopher Manning, and Clark Anderson, SICCC is located in Oklahoma City.

Divided into two groups, we hope to bring in as many unique and creative minds as possible.

SICCC Studios: The main, parent division of the two, SICCC Studios aims to create medium to large scale games that take years to complete. This division is specifically for those who work better on big, long term projects and feel fulfilled by the outcome at the end of said project.

SICCC Studios Unlimited*: Created for those who enjoy small to medium personal touch games, SICCC Studios Unlimited is the Indie Game maker of the company. Games created in this division do not take more then a year and are created by small groups ranging from 3-5 people so that a personal touch can be added. 

(*temporary name)

Already we have games lined up for the next 10 years for SICCC Studios and more being thought up for the next 5 by SICCC Studios Unlimited.

The Lineup for SICCC Studios is as followed:

Conscious: What is Consciousness? What are we really? Take a journey to the depth of the universe and find out where we really come from.

Genre: Third-Person shooter, Action, Story Driven 
Humans, the most advanced species on this planet. We ruled for thousands of years but now... our time has come. Mother nature plays a cruel game, and she picks no favorites.

Genre: Sci-fi, Strategy, Adventure
Explore a space beyond our own, where everything we know doesn't apply. Exo awaits.

Evolution 2: The thrilling continuation to Evolution. One step closer to finding the truth. One step closer to extinction.

The Lineup for SICCC Studios Unlimited is as followed:

Shadow Man*: Be wary of the dark. Follow the light. And remember the Shadows are your friends... and enemy.

NOTE: SICCC Studios Unlimited is new and so far only one game has been discussed as we create and establish the functions and responsibilities of the division. 


Before continuing, I, Isaiah (Troy) Gaines, would like to personally thank you for even just reading all of the info above. Just reading it means a lot. We are hell bent on succeeded in this endeavor and work towards it in the coming years. SICCC Studios hopes to be one of the best developers out there. Listening closely to the community and giving the people what they want along with creating new ways to play games. We hope to bring our love for them into the industry and help bring it into a new age of video games. Any amount that you donate will be a huge help and i hope you will come along with us on this journey. Again, thank you for just reading this.

Isaiah (Troy) Gaines

$0 of $1,400 per month
At this goal, along with money out of our own pocket from our jobs, we will be able to afford a suitable work/living space. We have decided that it would be best for us to mix both our work and living space together to cut down cost. The living room would be converted into a work space to house all our desktop and equipment while bedrooms will be personal space for the ones living in the house. If an empty room is avalaible it will more then likely be converted into a server room/render room.
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