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As a thank you for your $1 support, we will say your name, or try our best to say your name in our deep epic trailer voice! and send it over to you, probably by e-mail =D
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As a thank you for your $5 support, we will say a sentence (this could be a personal message to a friend or something like that) of your choice in an our epic trailer voice and send it over to you. (As long as it's within reason, so nothing that could be deemed as offensive or inappropriate, also no super long sentences that's basically a very short paragraph, thats cheating) 
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As a thank you for your $10 support, along with our personal $5 reward, our deep epic trailer voice guy will also say a short phrase/sentence (8 words max) and we'll put it at the end of our video for all to see. so you get both:
Private message in a deep epic trailer voice
Public shoutout/messagethingymajig in a deep epic trailer voice




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About Anime Addicts

We make "Honest Trailers" for various different animes for all you anime lovers.

Here at Anime Addicts we try our best to be "Honest", and since we are being "Honest", we are going to  tell you honestly that your support will help fund for our holidays and protein shakes, so we can fly around and look like Vegeta.

But occasionally when we need it, it would help fund for some new equipment. Like a car! so we can go to the shops faster, which will then in turn mean we release videos that little bit quicker! 

so what are you waiting for, we want more money and you want more trailers, don't you? start pledging!

jokes aside, we spend a lot of time and pour our heart out into making these videos for you guys and appreciate all of your support. we can't thank those of you who are able to/ willing to pledge to us enough, whether small or large amounts.  

To everyone else, we are glad to have you as part of our fanbase and know not everyone who is willing to can pledge. The fact you watch our content regularly and laugh with us makes us so proud of our work so thank you!  

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This would allow me to afford the gym membership,protein shakes and steroids required to take krillin on in a fight, or at least yamcha.
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