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LowLevelProgramming is a site that is attempting to bring back the tradition of learning to write code from the ground up. I am of the opinion that learning to write low level software allows you to think about writing software in higher level languages in a whole new way. I believe that learning to write code this way benefits us because it increases the quality of software when we know what is going on in terms of the actual CPU when a piece of code is executed, rather than what we semantically think the piece of code might be doing. 

In an attempt to bring back this way of thinking, I am writing tutorials on anything and everything low level. These tutorials are geared more at a beginner but could be used by a more intermediate and even possibly a seasoned programmer. I get asked this a lot "If you are writing tutorials about being low level, why is the first tutorial you are writing on basic C?" and the answer lies in my previous statement; I am trying to teach total beginners, and I think starting with C and allowing a newbie to play around with a semi-low level language that can interface with the OS directly is extremely beneficial for allowing them to see the big picture of why certain things in say assembly are how they are.

These tutorials are completely free, no ad's, no membership fees, no one time payment, no nothing.

It turns out free doesn't pay bills very well, and maintaining a website cost money out of my pocket, and I have to use my free time to write the tutorials as well since I have a job and school, so I have to sacrifice my time and money to make this site, which I am happy to do but getting a little money helps; that's where you come in.

By giving to this project you are helping me justify spending more time writing tutorials and putting out more quality content for free, and helping to pay for server costs, etc. In the future I am hoping to add a Win32 tutorial, introduction to assembly language, maybe some game development and compiler design tutorials, etc. but that all depends on how much time I can spend on the site/what people want to learn. If you would like to give to this project, please feel free to give any amount, no matter how small or large it is, every little bit helps!

Thanks for checking out the project, if you have any recommendations, things you'd like to learn, etc. feel free to write to [email protected]

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