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You will receive the above and you will be able to personally choose some of the trope possibilities for future chapters. There are three trope possibilities per chapter and two of them will be at the mercy of those in this bracket and above (as long as there are at least two). Upon donating in this bracket you can submit a trope (any trope you want, as appropriate) to me that will enter a rotation that might be used in further chapters. When your trope reaches the newest chapter (whether or not it is chosen) I'll contact you to choose another trope and enter the rotation again.

This will partially put the future of this book into your collective hands. Don't make me regret it.




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About George Blanchard

A lot of us have had dreams to grace the world with the fruits of our creativity. In truth, a lot of us just have the hubris to assume that our ideas and imagination are actually worth sharing with the world. I am one of those people. My goal is to become a novelist and to eventually spread my philosophies of life, the universe, and everything. To make that dream a reality, I need help.

Anybody that has been in class with me can attest to my creativity. I am a problem solver, an innovator, and a complete and utter bullshitter. I can type a six-page essay in less than an hour over a topic I've never learned (except for research papers that demand dreaded sources) and I have dozens of tricks to turn three pages of writing into ten without teachers or professors being any the wiser, and it takes very little effort. However, during my previous attempts of writing a novel, I haven't been quite able to follow through. I believe the reason for this is that my crazy mind goes off on a lot of tangents and without direction I go off the rails into oblivion. That is to say, as a creative problem solver I am better being restrained rather than having free reign over myself. Because of that, I have decided to challenge myself in a way that will both provide me direction for my next writing project while at the same time using my creativity to a larger extent than putting words to paper. is a wiki that catalogs the various storytelling devices and conventions used to write fiction, called tropes. You can see their site here. TvTropes is a vast well of knowledge detailing the concepts, methods, and ideas that have been used by game designers, filmmakers, and writers for countless years, and it is easy to get lost clicking from link to link reading about the patterns with which stories are written or looking at all of the tropes present in beloved movies, books, etc. More importantly, there are a pair of buttons on top of the page that you can click to get random pieces of media or tropes!

With all of that in mind, I have given myself a fun and difficult task, a "gamer challenge" of writing, if you will. I intend to write an entire novel (possibly a string of them) based on randomly generated tropes supplied by TvTropes. The rules are as follows:

1. I will randomly generate ten tropes to form the basis of the novel. As some tropes might be mutually exclusive with others or refer to topics outside the work itself (like Adaptational Attractiveness), I will use five of those ten that will generally be reoccurring and serve to generate the theme, setting, and tone of the plot. These tropes will be brought up either on a continuous basis or at least take up more impact than just a single chapter.
2. Tropes don't necessarily need to be played straight as doing so can get boring, and may be invertedinvokedparodiedaverted (very carefully), subverted, or worse. This will make things a lot more enjoyable for everyone, or else you, my supporters may get bored if you believe you know how things are automatically going to turn out.
3. Each chapter I will randomly generate three tropes, and I must include at least one of the three in that chapter with the same guidelines as the tropes for rule #1. The trope needn't dominate the chapter but somewhere within the chapter it must be present, whether played straight or not.
4. Before I write the current chapter I will roll tropes for the next. This allows me to plan my writing ahead so I can prepare for the new tropes coming up.
5. The process continues until the novel reaches its natural end (probably after climax/resolution tropes arise).

I think this will be a very fun project, and I'd love nothing more than to sit down and churn out a book like this, but unfortunately I am a broke and busy college student that won't be able to fully devote to this project. I am currently enrolled in university for a degree in Math Education and I also work at a local deli 30-40 hours a week. I would like to cut my hours or quit so I can focus on my education and creative endeavors, but to do so I will need help from the generous and curious, especially since if I want this book to be published I imagine such things cost money and require hoops to jump through. I would like to produce at least one chapter per month, and if certain milestone are met I know I'll be able to do that.

You should support me if you are amused by the thought of someone trying to write a book based on the fickle randomly-generated whims of the internet, and would like to help out a fledgling novelist get started. I am rather new to the writing scene and as such I have a lot to learn to refine my craft, but this project will also allow me to practice my writing and eventually become a big name in the fiction community.

You can read Chapter One here to see what you think.

Here we have the current tropes, which will be updated as new chapters are written.
-----Overall Tropes
Evil Diva
A Twinkle In The Sky
Implausible Fencing Powers
Unusual Euphemism
Savvy Guy Energetic Girl *
Slow Clap
Heaven and Hell *
The Aragorn *
Daylight Horror *
The Migration *

-----Chapter One
Lock And Load
Epic Hail *

-----Chapter Two
Pragmatic Villainy
Spontaneous Weapon Creation
Empty Piles Of Clothing

-----Chapter Three
Happiness in Slavery
Strange Salute
Divided We Fall

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I will have faith in the power of social networking and realize this isn't such a silly idea after all.
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