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A creative way to share and Xpress Your Heart to others. With so many opportunities to create kindness, pay it forward and share joy, I am offering a very special and creative opportunity. My patrons will assist with spreading love, happiness and joy to many people through their monthly membership. 

Based on the level you pledge each month you will increase not only your reach but the entire groups reach. Each month patrons support I will create a gift, craft or greeting card and send it to someone in need of something special to brighten their day. It could be a hospice patient who needs to know they are thought of with love during this challenging time; it could be a child in the hospital who needs a smile they would receive in the mail; it could even be a social worker who needs to know they are appreciated even when he/she does not hear it all the time. 

Patrons are welcome to recommend an organization, company, employee, etc. for me to send a gift, craft or greeting card to. The higher your contribution the more people who will benefit from your efforts. I will do all the creating and mailing/delivery. All you do is contribute to the cause. 

Each month I will do a video of me creating the gift, craft or greeting card and let the patrons know which organization, company, employee, etc. was chosen for the month. It would be awesome to spread love, happiness and joy to an increasing number of people every month. 

Thank you for your help!
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