The Great Migration

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For anyone who just wants to help support the server! This tier unlocks:

- Patreon and Hatchling Role in Discord, unlocking special voice channels!
- One Non-Apex Growth Token

Includes Discord rewards
per month

For anyone who wants to help support the server, and participate in events!  This tier unlocks:

- Patreon and Juvenile Role in Discord, unlocking special voice channels!
- Two Non-Apex Growth Token

- One Event Token

Includes Discord rewards
per month

Support our server, participate in our events with a friend! This tier grants:

- Patreon and Sub-Adult Role in Discord, unlocking special voice channels!
- Two Non-Apex Growth Tokens

- One Event Token
- One Share-able Even Token

Includes Discord rewards




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About The Great Migration

We are a gaming server for the game: The Isle! If you are interested in learning more about the isle, you can find its store page here:

You can find our discord server at

The Great Migration is hosted out of Chicago on an Extreme Performance Server. It is a 200 slot server, and is hosted on a Solid State Drive with extra RAM dedicated to it, and on Above Average Priority on the machines CPU. It is currently costing the server owner, Acoyph, $155.57 USD per month of operation.

Acoyph works a full time job and is willing to pay for this expense to keep the server running. However, should you have the *disposable* income and decide you would like to donate to help the server run, it would be greatly appreciated!

Should we get donations that exceed the cost of the server, we will start to look into upgrading the current server, creating a "cushion" so if anything goes wrong the server can continue to run for a few months, and eventually buying an additional. Since all of our events are currently being hosted on a single server, this can cut into regular play time, and we would like to reduce that as soon as possible! This money may also go into rewards for winning events, or giveaways.

Please note that donations will never have any impact on who is chosen for Moderator positions. If you donate, you are NOT purchasing anything. After donating for a specific package, the staff chooses to give you the appropriate rank that comes with your donation. The staff gives you this rank in return for your generosity. These ranks unlock additional voice channels. Please note that The Great Migration retains its right to revoke your access to any and all in-game items and/or from our game server(s) entirely. This includes but is not limited to breaking any of our rules. Every donation you make goes towards the Great Migration community, and will be used to keep our services funded. Because of this, we are not eligible to refund your donation under any circumstances. If you do not agree with this disclaimer, please do not make a donation. All donations are confidential and will under no circumstance be shared with third parties.
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If we reach a goal of $156 per month, the server will officially be paying for itself and we can start looking into expanding our community!
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