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Any donation exceeding one dollar warrants a special blog post on my fimfiction account thanking you for your generosity. You'll also be cited as one of my donors! Woo!
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For five dollars, I will reveal to you my plan for the next chapter as the current one is being written! Watch the planning unfold! Mwahaha!
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Holy crap, ye be amazing! For twenty dollars per chapter, I will compose and record a song in your honor. For real. :D




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Heya guys! Doc here!

As a lot of you know, I, like most human beings, have to support myself in order to keep on doing things like eating. Or driving. Or eating. Did I mention eating?

Anyways, I dedicate a good chunk of my life to writing fanfiction, and a lot of people seem to enjoy it quite a bit. Some have mentioned maybe wanting to support me. Well, now we have a chance to work together as a team to make the magic happen. Every penny sent my way is fed right back into my work. Be it a computer upgrade, paying for the tea that I drink while writing, or just making it so that I'm not stressed out about finances and can just write teh poniez, your generosity fuels my work. And my stomach. :D
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As you know, Her Knight in Faded Armor is a work in progress. However, we're nearing the end of book one, and it's time to think about the future. And that future includes a book form of the story! So, with $500, with ten chapters published at $50 per chapter, I can commission original cover art, get the book formatted through InDesign, and make a limited run of several books.
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