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In general it is hard, if not nearly impossible to be employed to do what is true to you. One is almost invariably required to do what your employer wants to see expressed. If, as an artist, one wants to express that which is within and which it true to you, then you choose to walk a lonely and financially risky path. It is my hope that, after seeing my work, I might find a patron or two who believe in what I am doing and would like to support it. 

Long ago, the notion of patronage was not strange. In fact, many of the greatest artists in history had patrons. It is not a new system, but being able to do it on the internet is a new idea. I think it's a great idea because it's very hard for creative people to earn a living. In order to build up a body of work one needs time but time is a luxury that many potential artists do not have. We often have to sell our work as soon as we produce it, just in order to keep that turnover happening and pay the bills. Sure  we could try working faster and producing more but then one is painting for survival and the lines between authentic creativity and doing what you think other people want become rather blurry. It is a very unpleasant space to be in. There was a reason that artists had patrons in the past and I believe it  is a system that does not have to die.

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