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About Rob Cavanna

Hello, everyone, my name is Rob Cavanna, I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator working on a personal project called OPERATION: Dragon Slayer. ‘OPDS’ has involved collaborations with other artists from all over the world, most notably, Thomas Schossleitners and Joshua Loo. Some of you might already be familiar with our posts on Deviant Art and I thank you deeply for following us this far! Your comments and enthusiasm have helped keep this monster kicking. If you’re a fan of classic anime style MECHS, alternative history, or wargaming, then OPERATION: Dragon Slayer is the playground I want to keep building for all of us!

about OPERATION: Dragon Slayer
You often hear the saying that, writers write the books they want to read. Well, OPERATION: Dragon Slayer is the WWII mech game that I’d love to play! The trick is, I’m not a game designer. I’m just an artist with a very clear vision of what I’d like to see and do in such a game. So OPDS has always been formatted as a “what if” game concept rather than a comic, graphic novel, or animation. The mechs are the real stars of the show here, a vast collection of fully customizable mechs, with interchangeable parts, each based on a real historical WWII tank equivalent, sharing their strengths, weaknesses and mechanical components.

That makes every mech in OPERATION: Dragon Slayer a sort of twisted history lesson. If you have a favorite tank or vehicle from that era, OPDS has its romping’ stompin’ robot equivalent in mind. We’ve got quite the diverse stockpile of mechs already, but since this is history’s undisputed golden age of armor, there are so many more I’d like to see rendered with the full OPDS treatment. These things are crashing around in my brain anyway. I HAVE to get them out of there and share them with all of you!

My immediate attainable goal is to "build the brand", develop the IP further, and create a complete body of work representative of a final product. I would like to create more full color "hero shots", that is artwork featuring dramatic poses for all the mech concepts I have in mind, roughly equal to the list of all WWII's most well known tanks.

Why Patreon is perfect
Patreon is an ideal and easy way to support the stuff you enjoy and the artists you like. Rather than donating a large sum of money to fund one big project which might arrive at a future date, YOU decide how much you’d like to pledge for as little as $1 a month, so that more of the content and special rewards that you prefer appear on a regular basis.

My work has been and will always be free and available for fans, but by pledging your support, production of new work can be dramatically accelerated. As a father of 2, and a freelance artist, paying jobs naturally take precedence over flights of fancy. With OPDS generating real income, I can dedicate more time to developing the project further at a much faster rate. When you donate through patreon, you have the satisfaction of knowing that the project is being kept alive and thriving thanks to YOUR personal contribution. You will be like a heroic doctor delivering a baby. A giant armored baby bristling with weapons!

I’ve set things up so donations are added per finished work. This means that loyal patrons won’t be paying monthly for any work that isn’t arriving on a regular basis when regular freelance work has got me in its clutches. In the event that my pants catch fire, and I’m adding more than one new piece per month, Patreon allows supporters to set a MONTHLY LIMIT. So you could be getting extra stuff per month at no extra cost. 

Help Buff Out the Ranks!
If all goes well, I would be delighted to spend more of my money helping the other artists who have helped me over the years. By and large my most meaningful collaborations have been done with friends and volunteers who deserve a piece of the pie as well. Multiple heads are better than one. With more hands on deck, the production line gets even stronger, and the imagination pool even deeper!

Future Project Goals…
One long term goal is to flesh out the mech roster to the point where I can assemble a sourcebook or datafile in the form of either a physical book or a wiki page where ALL of the mechs are can be easily referenced, organized by country and type: small, medium, and heavy + anthro or mech destroyer vs. multipedal conversion. Every mech in OPDS is excruciatingly researched based on its 'origin tank', so there is plenty of juicy alt-history and tech data to accompany each vehicle.

In essence, the goal beyond that is to create a sort of guidebook for a game which does not actually exist.... yet! It's a silly idea, but one that I've been working on passionately for years. It is my field of dreams. Full of WWII mechs.

With all the tech data sorted and major designs completed, I would love to hire some software + web gurus to design a site that acts as ‘proof of concept’ for mech customization. Anyone could jump in there, build their own WWII mech based on all the available parts and weapons, color, tweak, personalize, choose background and weather effects, then export the image. The final art could also have some sort of spec sheet detailing the unique aspects of the mech you’ve built!

$5 of $1,500 per per every new piece of finished work
Can you hear those engines roar? At this pledging milestone I can divert significant attention from regular freelance work, and create more content on a regular basis. I'm also given more freedom to "call for backup" and give from my war chest to other artists who have joined the cause.
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