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About Fantastical Gamer

Who are you?
What's goin' on guys! My name is  Sam, more commonly known as Fantastical.  Sometimes I post vlogs but primarily gaming. My content ranges anywhere from edgy nonsensical outbursts that are sure to make you die of laughter, to extremely involved/investigative analysis & theories for in-depth narratives in games such as the convoluted Call of Duty Zombies storyline. At heart, I am a retro gamer and huge fan of series like The Legend of Zelda and the 10s of 100s of other titles on N64 you're sure were 1,000x better than any modern-day game you've seen. 

I’m here on Patreon to help fund my channel, so I can:

  1. Increase the production quality of my videos (Adobe products aren't cheap)
  2. Upload more consistently (Time is my biggest enemy - more funding is more motivation to create quality content)
  3. Offer fans that watch my content regularly more opportunities to interact with me personally
  4. Pay off college (I am going off to college very shortly and tuition isn't exactly cheap in America - funding helps better my education as a filmmaker, and in turn, a content creator)
  5. Branch out to different types of videos (I'd like to at some point start a 2nd channel where I can upload vlogs or the full-length gameplays/live streams of games I enjoy)

How it works
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  2. Receive rewards, get exclusive perks, & enjoy quality entertainment

The money goes towards keeping my channel running and allowing it to grow, upgrading equipment, and doing new things. All thanks to YOUR support!

This is completely optional, so please don’t feel pressured to support if you’re not able to. This is just a way for us to have some extra fun, and make my content even better!

Thanks guys,

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I can make some improvements to my equipment, to help me make the best quality videos.
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