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We are a worldwide community of 250 young people actively collaborating to engage society and like-minded people in changemaking. What unites us is that we have all been inspired by our participation at YIP, a year-long holistic educational program that strengthens young people’s capacity to take initiative in the face of current global challenges.

One of the obstacles that we face is how to effectively support each other financially. We are creating this platform so that those who are setting up projects and needing additional funding for ideas and initiatives can use the money from Patreon and distributed through CoBudget, as a platform to ask for monetary support. CoBudget is a collaborative funding tool allowing large groups to make easy decisions about how to put common financial resources to the best possible use. With the support of YIP friends and like minded individuals who have gifted money through Patreon, funding can be given to those requesting it, via alumni using CoBudget. In CoBudget, any member of the group can raise a bucket (idea for where to direct the money) and each member will receive an equal amount of the money to put into the buckets, allowing us to collectively build a better future!
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We are using the CoBudget site to collaboratively decide which community projects we want to fund next.
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