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About Brezifus

I've been both an artist and a writer since before I can remember. Nowadays I'm bringing both traits together in the form of "illustrative stories", a mixture of prose and illustrations used to tell a story.

So basically, a picture book for adults.

There's a lot of work involved in making sure both parts of the story (the prose and the illustrations) come naturally together. But, it's something I've discovered I love doing and it's a format that fits a lot of stories of mine that have fallen into limbo when I try to figure out what format they should be presented in.

So...what are you doing right now?

The current project is a redux of an old Code Lyoko fanfic of mine, I Will Remember You. I chose this story so that I can work out any kinks and difficulties in dealing with the format and learning the best way to present both the writing and the illustrations so one can't be seen without the other. Once this project is near-completion, I have many other projects lined up for this sort of story format, all of them original stories.

Wait, so, this (your story) isn't free to read?

It's absolutely free to read, and always will be free to read! However any little support people like you give me over this Patreon will help to make the chapters done with higher quality and (hopefully) quicker! I have a very busy life at the moment and could use all the help I can get. Supporting myself on my work will be a major goal for me.

So, have you done this sort of thing before?

Sort of! In 2013 I finished a novelization of the video game Silent Hill 4 after four years of working on it, and have finished several other small short stories of mine that have yet to be put up on the internet. I've been consistently putting both my art and writing up for public view on the internet for almost a decade now. The illustrative story format is challenging to me but I'm having a lot of fun working on it!

That's great but...I don't really have an interest in your current story, but might want to see future stories.

That's completely understandable! I'd love it if you still decided to support me and ride out any stories you don't necessarily have interest in. In the future, as one story starts to close, teasers for a new story will be posted. Either way, the decision is completely up to you, and you have my utmost gratitude if you do subscribe!

Thank you for your support!

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