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I call my Viewer, Subscriber, Follower and Supporter my 'Clones'. #CASY stands for 'Clone Army Show Yourself'.
I've started this project because I love doing it, and nothing would be greater for me than beeing able to live from this.
I stream almost everyday on Twitch, even though I don't get paid anything. I just love streaming and interacting with my Clones. I also post videos almost every day on Youtube, because I know those who like my content can't wait to see more.
Unfortunately, I only make a little amount of revenue from Youtube only.
So I can't efford big equipments for all this, be it program softwares, hardwares like keyboard, mouse or what bothers me most: a better Internet.
So if I was able to pay all this, I would start with the Internet, so that I can give HD content, like Gameplays etc. for my Clones.
At this point I wanna thank to one awesome Clone, Kelly Ryan who bought me a super expensive Microphone, so that I could do Commentaries on my Gameplays. He bought me this on christmas, pretty much when I firstly started with all this.
I don't really care about the money, I just wanna give you Clones what I think you deserve. I love doing it. When I'm done with a Montage or post the next Gameplay, it just makes me happy, and reading your feedback everyday on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter is the reason why I keep doing this. So I really don't want to stop here, because for me this is just the start.
Help me make this come true Clones. You know your are the biggest part of all this and I hope you can support me with this. #CASY

$1 of $100 per month
Once this amount is reached I can finally look for new internet, so that I can stream more often, with less Internet issues and much higher and better Quality. Let's make the biggest Goal happen Clones!
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