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Lets hang! - This grants access to the patron feed, where we can hang out and have general chats and stuff! Woo!
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Sneak peeks! - This goal gets you guys access to my sketches and wips, including previews of upcoming designs and certain ideas! Interested in upcoming Garrox lore? Want to see some pages of Heart Monitor? Then this is the goal for you! [Also includes prior tier rewards!]
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Bonus time! - Now, this one opens you guys up to a lot of cool stuff. This is the goal that gets you super secret livestreams and full art previews (and the chance to buy designs a day before they go live anywhere else!) [Also includes prior tier rewards!]
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CUSTOMS! - This gets you access to sneaky design custom slots! Or if that doesn't suit you, coloured and shaded sketches are also an option! [ Does not guarantee rare traits, which may cost extra. This tier covers the base price of the design] [Also includes prior tier rewards!]
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THE BIG ONE -  This one gets you one fully lined, coloured and shaded commission monthly! This one's limited at the moment as I'm honestly not confident in my ability to do commissions, but we'll see if I open this one up for more! [Also includes prior tier rewards!]




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About Icarus Fossils


Hi! My name's Icarus! This page is getting a bit of an overhaul so please excuse the mess!

I'm a 21 year old Australian that enjoys drawing and developing my own ideas and stories, and have been since I was 13! Art has been a great source of joy in my life, and often a coping mechanism when things got rough! It's something I've always come back to and tried to develop over the years.

Unfortunately, I'm very suddenly faced with a huge problem; unemployment. I was on a four month probation period and I was very suddenly let go with no real explanation. The job itself was incredibly problematic, but since then things have been hard. I have depression, and not being able to afford my medication is a real doozy, so keeping up with things has been incredibly difficult. Selling my art to get by has not been going so great, either.

So that's why this Patreon is here! I want to be able to support myself (Y'know, feeding myself and keeping a roof over my head, the whole deal) as an artist, even if it's only until I find another job. I also want to give back to everyone who's supported me thus far, and to share a lot of the stuff that I do that, unfortunately, never sees the light of day. With your help, I may even be able to get my comics off the ground and share them with you all!

I'm a digital artist that focuses on character design! I've dabbled in digital painting, pixels and even game design (and have a diploma in the field!) However, I haven't been able to comfortably branch out since I began working, but it's definitely something I want to return to! I have a species of characters that I'm steadily developing, and members of the species are very often on sale through my various art sites! I'm also developing several comics, one of which that has already begun under the name Heart Monitor.

One of my goals is to move to physical products - to hopefully design things that people would enjoy as tshirts or other things! I also plan to find the confidence to take on commissions again - drawing other people's characters and compositions! 

I have a lot of followers on my various sites, and it sometimes gets hard to contact everyone! I think Patreon could be a great place to get in touch with you guys and show you a lot of my work - even down to the sketch and thought processes! There's going to be a bunch of goodies involved that others from sites like tumblr and deviantART won't have access to!

It's rather often that I get people asking to donate to me, too! And honestly that comes with a lot of personal guilt on my side of things - I really don't like taking money and not giving stuff in return! So with Patreon, I hope to give you guys a little something that, hopefully, makes it worth your money!

But I'm not solely working on my own ideas! I want to hear from you guys as far as content! I want to design and create based on existing content like games and shows that interest you, and allow you guys the chance to influence my work! 

For the moment I have some pretty big goals - Like uh, having enough money to get by. Which is pretty big in and of itself haha. I've already reached my goal of getting a new computer (thank god I had that much foresight) and as such, I look forward to streaming AT LEAST once a week, and getting to know everyone a lot better, even if it's just to hang out and chat and draw very little. I want to offer you guys everything that I can as far as my time and my work, and look forward to sharing my sketches, ideas and concepts!

I know this has been a super long read, but finally I just want to thank those that have already shown me so much support, and those that suggested I create a patreon in the first place! I've had a very scary last couple weeks, but setting this up alone has eased some of my worries. With your support I'm hoping I'll be able to get by, and continue to produce content that you guys will enjoy! I'm very excited to interact with you guys! Thank you again!

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Oops we already have the new computer so the livestream goal is kinda redundant? if you guys have a better goal lemme know. By this point, I'll start doing livestreams! Sometimes just for chats or playing games, but mostly it will be art based! It also opens you guys up to neat freebies like quick sketches and icons! Cool! If you guys want a livestream, just say the word!
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