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About Kawaiihibi

Hello Cutie pies!

Who is Kawaiihibi?
That's me! I'm Valentina and I'm 20. I love spending my free time playing video games and crafting anything that colud be crafted! I found out about cosplay in the autumn of 2012 by surfing on the internet about Lucca Comix, a big comics con here in Italy! I had no idea what door I had just opened but it was one I wont ever regret! Since I started university and job didn't have the time to spend much time into my passion but want something to motivate me to further my skill in the cosplay world.

What is Patreon to me?
That is where this wonderful Patreon comes into play. It allows me to make things for me all while giving back to the community with goodies and tutorials! 

What does it mean to be my Patron's?
Being my Patron is just being someone awesome who is choosing to stand by me in this journey and not only stand there but take a part in my life.

**So I want to make this super clear, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR PATREON! Patreon is only for who want to support be and want recive some extra fun stuff just for them! This is just something fun and extra for the people who are cute!!**

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