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Hi there. I'm Gregor. I do the odd thing or two on the web.

TLDR: I deserve all the money. Ever.

I started my online 'work' writing for a games trade-in price aggregator that deigned to put up a bit of news once or twice that sucked and continues to suck. (Only joking, working at that site was great fun and it had me meet my good friend and co-host Chris Bulch. He's that idiot that made that dumb ass flag game for dweebs and nerds.) Then I wrote articles for a site called Shattered Media where I also hosted a show called the Terminal Fuckup Hour (catchy, ain't it?) for the best part of half a year. I had great fun doing that and ever since we finished the show, I've been looking forward to my 'Marvel Phase 2.' Please don't sue me Disney. Wait, didn't phase 2 have Iron Man 2 in it? Ehh. Nevermind.

What's my plan? Oh, you didn't ask? Okay. This is a bit awkward. Well, my plan is to make a new podcast called the Skunky Island with my good friends Chris and Luke who I did the last one with. After that I hope to get the equiptment to look into making video content. For now, it will be mostly audio. That's where i'm comfortable, with my big dumb face safely hidden away. I'm going to be interviewing people from the games industry and media every now and then on the podcast, also. I'm also going to be doing movie commentaries that will appear on the same channel as the podcast
(I'll link the channel when there's something to link ;) ) with myself and probably a rotating guest.

The reason you should pledge me money is twofold: 1) I don't have any money. 2) You get the satisfaction and sense of superiority one can really only get when they assert themselves as financially dominant over their betters. For years, you've been struggling through life without ever knowing the joy of buying me a beer or a packet of noodles. Fear not, all that has changed. I'm here to make scant amounts of content that just barely justify asking to be paid for. That said, totally optional. Don't you dare back me then be a cock. Cause I don't want your cheddar. Your cock-cheddar.

Thanks for your time,
Gregor James Hunter
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
Audio release

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