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About Skeleton Key Theatre

Skeleton Key Theatre produces original Canadian work that creates immersive theatrical experiences for its audiences. We strive to create theatre that: 
-Creates opportunities for unique and personal performance experiences
-Focuses on supporting female artists and their voices
-Provides an environment to grow the seeds of ideas into full-fledged productions
-Explores new mediums, techniques, and processes
-Showcases Canadian work locally, nationally, and internationally.

Skeleton Key always has several new pieces in development. Here are the projects our Patreon supporters are funding in 2019-2020:

DELUGE | Set in a small coastal town, Deluge is a story about the plight of climate change refugees and their struggle to survive in an increasingly unpredictable environment. A concert performed by two actors and a band of musicians, it is an exploration of the intersection of poverty and climate change through the perspectives of two characters set adrift and left to navigate the remains of their town, recently engulfed by the sea. Conjuring place, conveying emotion and communicating need that transcends the intellectual, music is the vessel that has the power to deliver these refugees to safety - or sink their hopes of survival.

THE HANSEL AND GRETEL PROJECT | Holding hands, two audience members will be directed down a path through the woods where they will encounter creatures and characters along their way. Inspired by Smith's frequent walks along one of the trails at Stony Swamp Conservation Area, The Hansel and Gretel Project immerses audience members and asks them to listen to what the forest is telling them. The trail winds through vibrant green shrubbery with chattering chickadees, sky-high deciduous trees that turn bright yellow in the fall, through an open meadow and into a thick, black forest of tightly woven cedars and pine, which obscure the sky overhead. If there are no breadcrumbs to follow back home, will they ever find their way out of the forest? 

COMING UP NEXT | In September, the lead artists of Deluge - Kate Smith and Scottie Irving - are taking a songwriting retreat to complete the song cycle for this theatre piece/concept album. In October, they will invite musicians to join them in taking these new songs out for a test-drive in advance of a late-night appearance at an upcoming theatre festival in Ottawa, ON in February 2020. Also happening this Fall: our site-walk for The Hansel and Gretel Project with several of our contributors, including Smith (lead artist), Conservationist Megan Irving, and an Algonquin Knowledge Keeper to help the creative team get a sense of the ecological and cultural history of the Land.
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