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People keep asking, so I figure it can't hurt to offer.  $20 gets you a complete consult on the first two chapters of your story.  I'll go over characters, style, and give you advice on making your writing entertaining.  

This isn't to say I'm any sort of expert on these things, but I did actually learn a few things while writing Starlight Over Detrot, so it can't hurt to share. 




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About Chessie Cat

I'm the simple-minded lunatic behind Starlight Over Detrot and what are likely to be various other extremely long, extremely ridiculous stories.

I'm largely doing this at the behest of a few of my readers who'd like my writing to be a bit more regular and maybe to give me an incentive to write some of the sillier things that've been suggested. 
$5 of $200 per Writing
It is pure madness to think I might actually make this amount of money, but I'm going to offer it anyway because I really want an HTC Vive and every little bit helps. 

If I manage to actually get together $200 from this Patreon, I'll write a one-shot where Hard Boiled and Scarlet go on a date together. 
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