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About The Maritime Makers Show

As many of you already know we produce a weekly question and answer format youtube show featuring a different makers every week.   Some times we also have a HotTopic week where our panel members will discuss a current topic.   The show features spotlighted guested that can be fairly new and unheard of makers to some of the biggest creators on youtube today! 

The whole point of the show is to try to help promote other people's work and their youtube channels or what ever platform they use.  We hope to involve as many different makers from the various communities and groups around the world.

We are trying  to get our web site back up and running to help promote the show.  This is how we are able to share more creators and what they do with the world.    We've had people ask us for a way that they can support what we are doing.    We do have future plans to support the website by selling some form of our product  how ever this does take some resources to make that happen.
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Get website running, start eCommerce page, and buy new puppy!  Patreon suggested the puppy.
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