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When people find out I make films, they ask me right away, "What are your films about?" And I tell them that I make experimental short comedy films about astronomy, love, and sex, but that doesn't enable them to see my films, let alone be part of the production process.

I believe art is natural and fun and for everyone. I'd like to give something to you and help facilitate your experience of the world and art.

In addition to making films, I write. I plan on publishing my writing in at least one book. I presented two chapters from my forthcoming book at The Cormac McCarthy Society Conference in Memphis in October 2015 and also in Albuquerque at the Southwest Conference for Popular Culture in February 2016 and 2018.  Again, people commonly ask me, "What was your paper about?"

How does one really share work that can't simply be put into a soundbite or in paper copies like a pretentious git? Here at Patreon, I can make a fool of myself so much more easily. 

I look for answers to the world's problems within art and literature. I have a day job, but your support will allow me to survive without getting another job so that I can continue to research, make short narrative films, and publish weird, cool arguments about the meaning of life. Sometimes, I compare the bones found by paleontologists 30,000 years ago to contemporary film, and I will help you look at the universe and yourself in a new fun way. I could perhaps even include your name in the credits of one of my short films! By joining me here, you are helping one independent filmmaker and writer get her work and content out to the people! Thank you.
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Reducing the unemployment rate. For real.

What does work mean to us in our lives? For me it means paying bills, but with your help, I can also use more of my time to research and write. Your help directly helps me live and create something for you to watch or read and think about. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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