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My Blog: http://lorenaarce.tumblr.com
My webshophttp://loresdesign.tictail.com

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in my project!

My name is Lorena and I am an artist from Argentina, currently living in Denmark.

I work in our living room, where I have made a tiny workplace. Also my husband has made a desk from an old door, so I finally have my own desk to work at, instead of the the dinning table :-) Lately everything seems to be very difficult, when it is not. When I was young I had to make art with everything I had arround, so I decided to go back to this beginning.

Since I was 25 years old, I have been traveling arround the world. I love to get to know new places, the cultures and customs. That is why I have decided to paint what I have seen, experienced and heard about ! Trough my paintings I want to show the culture from the different countries I have visited and lived in.

You will be able to se and follow the procces through my videos tutorials. I will start painting the culture and places from Argentina – the country where I come from. Argentina has a rich history with differents ethnicities from Europe, so it is a good combination to start from.

Why Patreon

My dream is to be able to finance my  first exhibition "Exhibition Kunst for Alle", here in Denamr, to intoduce my culture and publish my first ebook with all my paintings from the exhibition.

Pris per box:
size box: 2x3x2 mtr. 1.483 USD incl. tax
Size box: 3x4x3 mtr. 1.782,62 USD incl. tax
Size box: 2x6x2 mtr. 1.782,62. USD incl. tax
Size box: 3x4x3 mtr. 1872.5000 USD inc. Tax

Thank you so much for your support!

Best regards
Lorena Veronica Arce

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